Our Services

Customer Service Representative

Our 24/7 standby CSR makes sure no schedule, appointment or event is missed. Because they work round the clock, queries are promptly addressed. Our highly-qualified CSR acts as a first point of contact: dealing with correspondence, inquiries, complaints via email, phone or various online support tools.

VAY offers a vast set of affordable inbound and outbound customer services. Hire your own trained team with an action-oriented management team. We guarantee to deliver excellent customer relationships, providing your business with a top customer retention rate.

Virtual Assistants

Our VA provides various admin support to entrepreneurs or businesses, from answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, managing your schedule, event to personal errands, managing your social media accounts, research, data entry, and processing online transactions.

All executive virtual assistants are highly trained to manage administrative, social media and eCommerce platforms.

VAY offers a variety of remotely administrative tasks for businesses, entrepreneurs or executives who works with your requirement and standards, helping you.

Web Design

VAY provides you with professional web developers from various programming languages. We can cater to your website needs; may it be as simple as a content management system or as complex as a build-from-scratch web application.

Graphic Design

Testing graphics across various media, Study design briefs requirements, prepare rough drafts, Work with copywriters to produce designs, Amend designs after feedback, Iconography, package designs, website designs, logos, and illustrations

IT Support

VAY can create, develop, fix, and maintain your website, online store, apps, and any other internal or external software you use for your internal and external customers will always have the best experience. They are carefully vetted to ensure that they are equipped with the right set of skills, training, and experience needed for solid and efficient tools & software for website development.

Custom Applications

Need an application that is only tailor-fit to your organization? VAY got you covered. Our team of professional software developers can create custom application that is suited for your day-to-day operations. Clients inputs and ideas are always prioritized on this types of applications.