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“I am extremely happy with my VA. She is doing a fantastic job.”

Kerri M.

“I have nothing but great things to say about Virtually Assist You. Theresa and Mark have really gone above and beyond for my business. They have been brilliant with coming up with ways to save me and my business money so I am not overspending on ads or systems. Mark is always a text away and is incredibly responsive. He cares about making my business a success and finds ways for us to improve our communication with my clients. Mark is  intelligent and talented especially when it comes to working with click funnels, online payments, and a total pro with email marketing. He goes the extra mile, without me ever having to ask. Theresa and Mark are master communicators. I am so thankful for this company, because I would be lost without them. They are my secret weapon.”

Libbie M.

“I appreciate that you were very detailed and tried your best to make it work”

JW Surety

“I have been using their services for 5 months now, the pricing is great. They were excellent in handling personal task, and a life-saver of my new business.”

Roy Charles S.

“Customer and Sales Admin were very professional and fast; they were very reliable”

Gilbert S.

“I knew I needed help in my business, but | wasn’t really sure how to go about getting it.  Someone referred me to Virtually Assist You, and I’m so glad. They’ve done a great job of combining the agency model with the personal touches of your own assigned VA. My VA, Jinny, is smart, capable, reliable, and very int to work with, she has good ideas for how to perform tasks more efficiently, and keeps me in the loop really well. She taken such a weight off my shoulders- things that have been on my ‘to-do! FOREVER is finally getting done. The work she did for me directly l‘m getting a new client booked- in less than a month. I’m seeing real progress: In my business, and I wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own”

Cassa G.

VA Jinny has been great.

Shernay D.

“Working with virtually assist you has been a wonderful experience. although we are in a different time zones they were extremely responsive. I requested a more collaborative environment with angeli (va) and she delivered. your staff is professional and willing to start new things. thank you.”

Chandra A.

“Thessa tackles all tasks she is assigned enthusiastically and also takes an additional task. she is a proven team player and works hard to get the job done right.”

Jumaal K.

How It Works

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Payment Process

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Step 3

Assign Task

Meet your chosen VAY assistant/
Graphics/ Web to start assigning all your
tasks, we use task management tools to
keep track of all of our task priorities.
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